Esplanada Sphinx Restaurants

Who We Are

We started in restaurant business in the year 2000 with 18 years’ experience, and we opened Esplanada Sphinx restaurant in September 2005 and it is still operating. During this period 2 other restaurants were opened in Hurghada Marina Boulevard as Marina Sphinx, the first BBQ restaurant in Hurghada Marina Boulevard, and Sphinx lounge in Esplanada mall.

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Our Menu

We offer 6 types of chickens in different types of pane and BBQ, and we are specialized in soups, tomato soup, onion soup, lentil soup, minestrone soup, mushroom & chicken cream soup. Pasta and pizzas, original lasagne and an amazing taste of oven pasta. Although we are not specialized in fish but you can taste the sweetest and most delicious seafood soup.

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The Stuff

Our restaurant is a family restaurant where is mariam the main chef and offers a wide range of homemade food, and the very welcoming Mr. Tharwat is the owner of all restaurants. All together the family and our very well-trained waiters that give the place a heart-warming essence and serve delightfully our valued customers.

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